In the steps below, we've used the example of generating logins for parents/guardians but the process is the same for teachers and students as well. Teachers are also able to reset passwords; and  generate logins for their own class. 

  1. Log into Goalhub and go into the Administration area by selecting your name; and from the drop-down menu option, select Administration
  2. Select Users (Add and manage users)
  3. In the search field under All Users, click on the drop-down icon (the inverted grey triangle) and select the desired group of users (students, guardians, teachers etc) 
  4. You can search and select specific users OR select the circular checkbox, in the heading row (to the left of Name) to select all users
  5. Then select Manage (this icon gives you options to either generate logins or set access level for your selection of users in this case, the nominated students) 
  6. In the pop-up window, select Generate
  7. In the next pop-up window, choose whether you want the system to generate the passwords (this is the default setting) or whether you want to put in your own password for the guardians (we recommend that you leave the default setting to let the system generate the passwords for guardians and teachers) 
  8. Then select how you would like to receive the generated logins: whether you would like to download the pdfs with the login details or whether you would like the details to be emailed to you
  9. Then select Generate
  10. If you selected the pdf option, you will then see a pdf with the login details set out as below.
  11. If you selected the email option, you will receive an email with a pdf attachment of the login details set out as below. The Connection section lists all the student connections for the guardian in question
  12.  If you selected the Print directly option, you will trigger the printing window on your computer to open, in which you can print out physical copies of your Goalhub passwords.