When importing teachers, by default they will have the 'No Access' permissions. For those users who you wish to give access to Goalhub, you will need to change the permission level as below:

  • Permission Levels
    • Admin is the highest level of access and gives the user administrative access over all areas of the program.  This level of access is normally only assigned to or 1-2 people in the organisation.  Mentors (teachers) with admin access will also need the organisations Goalhub 5-digit administration code to access the Goalhub Administration area.
    • Executive This is the second highest level of access. This gives the user access to all classes and mentees (students) and allows them to view and modify all classes. But does not give the user access to the administration areas.
    • Teacher this gives the user access to the assign classes only and allows them to view and modify all records in the assigned classes only.
    • No Access removes all access; the user will not be able to log in at all. Mentors (teachers) that have left the organisation should be assigned to the No Access level.

To change the permission level, from the Admin area navigate to User Administration (under the 'General' heading). Select the relevant user (by clicking 'Edit') and change the permission level at the foot of the page. Then hit Save.