Teachers/Mentors can invite parents/guardians/supporters by selecting the plus icon for (+) Invite Supporter and filling in the details from within their Goalhub account:

The nominated guardian will receive an SMS message and an email including login details for accessing Goalhub which reads as follows:

When [student/mentee name] completes their goals, [the organisation name] would like to inform you. Reply 'stop' to opt out of receiving these notifications.

To see all of [student/mentee name]'s goals, go to http://app.goalhub.com. Username: ••••••••; password: ••••••••

Upon login the guardian will see the user icon of the student/mentee and an option to connect:

By clicking Connect the Guardian sends a request to the teacher/mentor to view this student/mentee's timeline. This appears to the teacher/mentor under 'Guardian Requests' in the Activity Feed:

The Teacher/Guardian can then print a code (along with instructions) to send home with the student/mentee. This method of authorisation/authentication ensures only valid supporters are connected to the student/mentee.

Once the Guardian receives the code, they can log in and enter it:

As soon as the code has been entered, the Guardian will be presented with a (read only) view of the student/mentee's timeline.