1. After you register for Goalhub you will receive your login details via email. Once you have received these, follow these instructions to access Goalhub.

2. In order to set up Goalhub for your organisation, you can access the admin area by following these instructions.

3. Once in the admin area, you can set up and manage users. There are three types of users that you can manage:

  • Teachers/Mentors
  • Students/Mentees
  • Parents/Guardians/Supporters/Caregivers

You can set up each user type manually onscreen or by syncing with the DoE's 3PI platform (NSW public schools only) . Depending on your preferred method, refer to these guides:


    a: Syncing with the DoE's 3PI platform (NSW public schools only)

    Setting up direct integration for NSW public schools (3PI)

    b: Manually creating users

    How to create user details manually


4. Once your users are created you can ensure they have the correct permissions, create classes/groups and assign each user type to the group

    Changing teacher/mentor permissions

    Create/manage classes or groups


5.  Now you can generate login details by following these instructions.

That's it! You're all set up. Now take a look at our functionality guides, to get started using Goalhub!