Teacher/Mentors and Students/Mentees can be organised by groups. Typically these are the roll classes and teaching classes during school years. If importing users via 3PI sync (NSW public schools only) or spreadsheet, these 'classes' are created automatically. However, you can also manually create classes and assign students/mentees to them.

1. First, access the administration area of your Goalhub account.

2. From the Admin Dashboard select Groups

3. To create a new class, select the Add Group button.

4. Select whether this is a 'Class' (i.e. you want to connect Teachers and students) or a 'Family' (i.e. you want to connect Caregivers and Students), and give the group a name. Then press Add 

5. You will now see the newly created class in the Classes list (Note: if you created a Family group you will need to change the search filter).

6. To add users to your group, simply tick the group, and tick all members you which to add as per the picture below:

7. Once all users are selected, press Link and then Confirm the action 

8. Your group is now active!