If your Principal/Deputy Principal has given permission for direct integration, then you will see the option to >Upload School Data in the 3PI menu:

Step 1: Upload School Data

You can proceed with the following steps to import students and teachers through the Direct Integration process

  • Select the >Upload School Data option in the menu and select >Sync with DoE

  • The sync will take a few minutes – you can keep this running in the background. Once the sync has been completed, you can refresh your screen or just select the menu item >3PI again and select >Upload School Data – you will now see date of the last upload will be updated so that it is today’s date. You can now proceed to Step 2 below.

Step 2: Update Relationships

  • This process is run if you want to bring in the family, emergency and other contact details for the students.
  • Select the >Admin tab>3PI>Update Relationships in the left-hand blue menu. The page will have an explanation on what this process does as well as the date of your last sync with the DoE – the process that you just ran in Step 1
  • Select >Update Relationships on the lower right-hand side under the section with the explanation and you will see a grey bar running across the top section until the details have finished updating.