NSW DoE Third-party Data Integration (3PI) enables you to directly connect your school’s enrolment system to your Momentum Cloud account, so that you can easily import your school’s relevant information into one or more of Momentum Cloud’s online software service; Momentum ESR, Goalhub, MyPLgoals.

The 3PI connection enables your school to import and update information without the need for uploading Excel documents or entering records individually. All NSW public schools can easily transfer information such as roll classes, student’s details and teacher’s details from the school through to Goalhub via the 3Pi menu option

  • Select >Admin>3Pi on the left-hand blue menu
  • If you see -Authorisation under the 3Pi menu, please read through what direct integration means; and how schools can opt out of it once they stop using any software from Momentum Cloud. Follow the instructions to set up authorisation. The Principal or Deputy Principal are the only people in the school who can give authorisation. Please be aware that there is a 24hr to 48hr wait for the authorisation to be passed through from the DoE’s Direct Integration Team to us.

Authorising Direct Integration by Principal or Deputy Principal

  • To establish your school’s initial connection, the Principal or Deputy Principal will need to complete the NSW Department of Education’s (DoE) online 3PI connection process through the 3PI portal.
  • To begin the process, follow this link: https://3pi.det.nsw.edu.au/3pi/school/ui/
  • Select "Getting ready for 3PI"
  • Then select the link for "Onboarding Form"
  • The Principal adds their name by adding firstname.surname or staff ID and then selects Save or Update
  • Then go to the "Dashboard" and select "Submit New Form"; add school contacts and their mobile number to receive notifications
  • From the Vendor drop down list, select "Momentum Cloud"; and for the software, select "Momentum ESR" and select "Submit"
  • Please note only the Principal or Deputy Principal have access to this initially - although they can set up access for other staff.

What happens after authorisation?

  • After completing the authorisation process, Momentum Cloud will be made visible as a connected vendor within your schools 3PI portal within 24 to 48 hours. We will be able to see when the connection with your school is "live”, please send us an email to notify us of this: support@momentumcloud.com.au.
  • We will then complete the details provided to us by the Department's 3PI team to link your school to Momentum Cloud; after which, we can run the "live" sync with the DoE.
  • Once this is done, your school's Goalhub Administrators can update your school’s information at any time by simply running the processes: >Upload School Data and then >Update Students - both menu options are under the >Admin tab and located under the menu option >3PI in the left-hand blue menu.

What if we stop using services from Momentum Cloud?

  • The direct integration connection can be disconnected by your Principal or Deputy Principal via your school's 3PI portal at any time should your school wish to discontinue using any of Momentum Cloud's services. After the relevant cooling off period, all school information will be deleted from Momentum Cloud's services and systems. For more information please view our Privacy Policy.

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call Momentum Cloud support on 02 8208 6000.