• Navigate to the Goalhub login page  https://app.goalhub.com/#/login and enter the username and password provided to you, in your registration confirmation email. 


  • After entering your username and password, you will be asked to enter in a new personal password. The password must be at least 6 characters long.
  • After creating your personal password, you will now have access to the Goalhub mentor (teacher) portal. You will be able to see the demo class and the demo mentee (student) that was created for you; and you can start suggesting goals for this demo mentee (student).
  • You can also open up another window and log in as the mentee (student) using the username and password for the demo mentee (student). You will have received these details in your original confirmation email, or you can reset these onscreen by selecting the student and choosing 'Manage Account'.
  • You can switch between the two screens to see how Goalhub works for the mentee (student) versus how it works for you as a mentor (teacher)
  • The confirmation email that you would have received will contain the login details for a demo mentee (student) and your mentor (teacher) account and will be as below with “xxxxxx” being replaced with details specific to your organisation:

Go to http://app.goalhub.com.au

Mentee (student) demo account:

Username = xxxxxx.mentee

Password = goalhub


Your Goalhub mentor (teacher)/administrator account is:

Username = xxxxxx.xxxxxx

Password = goalhub

When you log in as a mentor (teacher), you will see the following screen:

Goalhub mentor (teacher) screen

When you log in as a mentee (student), you will see the following screen:

Goalhub mentee (student) screen