There is the option to sign up to MyPLgoals with a mentor only account. This page details how to gain access to a mentor only account.

  1. Go to
  2. You can select >Pricing on the horizontal menu running across the top of the page OR scroll down until you see the three sign up options: 
    • Coach/Mentor - Free
    • MyPLgoals - Subscribe 
    • School Orders
  3. Select >Coach/Mentor - Free and select >Continue
  4. Complete the sign up forms to create a new user account
  5. You will receive an activation link in your email to activate your account
  6. Once you select the link and activate your account, you will then have full access for a trial period of two weeks. After two weeks, you can continue with a Mentor account
  7. If you've received invitation codes from users that want to connect with you as their Mentor via email, you can enter the Invite Code by selecting >My Team; and then on the left-hand menu items, select >Enter Invite Code
  8. Copy and paste the code from the email from your Mentee (user that wants you as a Mentor) and select >Connect   

Please note:

You will then have access to a full trial account for two weeks, i.e. you will have full access to MyPLgoals and all paid features for free. During this period, you may annotate goals and evidence for other users after connecting to them as a mentor.

The first time you log in after the trial account expires, you will have the option to continue with a Mentor only account. All mentor connections will still be attached to your account, but your timeline where you added goals or uploaded evidences during the two-week trial period will be read-only. If you purchase a subscription at a later date, you will then be able to edit your timeline and access teacher, principal and non-teaching standards.