Coaching and Mentoring Tip Sheet

There are a range of strategic questions that can be delivered through the GROW coaching process.

Develop your own catalogue of questions - here are a few tips to get you started:

G – Goals

What goal would you like to achieve?

What would you like to accomplish?

What would you like to be different?

R – Reality

How would things change for the better?

What is currently working well for you?

What gives you the confidence this goal will make a difference?

What would you notice?

What benefits would you derive?

On a scale of 1-10, where are you in relation to achieving your goal? What gives you confidence this score is accurate?

O – Options

What would move you two points up the scale?

What are your options to make this goal a reality?

What could you do to achieve your goal?

What first step could you take?

What else could you do?

What could you do more of?

What could you do differently?

Where have you seen somebody else achieve a similar goal? What did they do?

What advice could you give another person trying to achieve this goal?

W – Will

What will you do?

How would this move you towards achieving your goal?

What critical elements do you need to have in place to deliver upon this commitment to action?