Coaching and Mentoring Tip Sheet

GROW coaching articulates a structured process of questioning that facilitates metacognition, promotes reflective thinking and guides strategic planning.

It is a skill that can developed through practice over time.

Goal               What would you like to achieve?

Reality           Where are you now in relation to achieving the goal?

Options         What could you do to achieve the goal?

Will                 What will you do to achieve the goal?

Here are a few GROW coaching tips:

  • Adopt a growth mindset to practise, review and refine the GROW coaching process – the more you do it, the better you will get
  • The GROW coaching process is non-linear – move between components of the process as required
  • Have a scaffold or cheat sheet available when developing your GROW coaching skills
  • Be disciplined and stay true to the GROW coaching process – avoid distractions
  • Request feedback to inform the development of your practice
  • Consider engaging a coach to assist in facilitating the development of your GROW coaching skills.