Coaching and Mentoring Tip Sheet

The coaching process facilitates purposeful conversations resulting in: the establishment of self-determined goals; the identification of actions required to attain the goals; and a commitment to act.

This can be achieved through a range of strategies that promote solutions focused reflective practice, which drives continual growth and development.

Central to the process are mindset, capabilities and tools.

A growth mindset is essential for building the capabilities required to use tools effectively and demonstrate accomplishment.

Feelings of accomplishment build self-efficacy, self-determination and self-regulation – creating a virtuous cycle.

Here are some tips for developing and sustaining purposeful coaching conversations:

  • Build trust and confidence in the coaching relationship
  • Be self-aware and attentive
  • Actively listen and search for meaning
  • Be procedural and analytical
  • Clarify and rephrase to ensure understanding
  • Promote self-reflection and strategic thinking
  • Establish development goals
  • Promote resourcefulness and resilience
  • Broker a commitment to act and establish measures of accountability.