Goal Setting Tip Sheet

People can set more than one goal at any one time; however, the more goals that are set, the more difficult it can become to achieve them.

Having fewer goals is often better - sometimes it can be a matter of priority and progression.

Here are a few tips:

  • More inspiring goals should be prioritised over less inspiring goals
  • Higher value goals should be prioritised over goals of lesser value
  • More achievable goals should be prioritised over less achievable goals
  • Highly ambitious goals should be broken down into smaller, more achievable goals that build incrementally towards attainment of the ambitious goal
  • The number of goals set should require no more than the resources available to achieve them.

Where multiple goals are set at any one time, or even over time, they should create a system or network of goals; where one goal enables the attainment of another.

Ideally, goals should build upon one another to leverage growth and development – from little things big things grow.

Goals that inhibit the achievement of another should be reconsidered. Sometimes a reframing of a goal can overcome contradictions between goals that have the potential to undermine their achievement.

So, think big and start small!

Focus on a small number of goals (1-3) that would provide the best return on investment, and build upon them over time.