Goal Setting Tip Sheet

Goal setting is a skill that can be developed through practice over time. It is a process that moves us from our current state to a preferred future state.

One of the biggest impediments to achieving goals is our ability to set effective goals. Here are a few “big picture” tips:

  • Establish a purpose – what is the compelling reason to achieve your goal?
  • Promote challenge – set a goal that is just beyond your comfort zone.
  • Create a sense of urgency – establish a realistic timeframe to achieve the goal.
  • Seek clarity – so, exactly what is it you are trying to achieve?
  • Establish strategy – plan to act in ways that promote goal achievement.
  • Identify resources – assets that will support you to achieve your goal.
  • Build agency – develop the capabilities that promote goal achievement.
  • Measure progress – establish performance milestones and monitor progress towards goal achievement.
  • Reflect and revise – be agile and make modifications where required to promote goal achievement.

Think big and start small – setting effective goals is a learning process.