Once you’ve added in your teachers/mentors/ to the organisation’s account, you can assign them to classes/groups so that they can view the mentees’ / students’ goals; suggest goals; reset passwords etc

  • Select Admin>General>Manage Roll Classes 
  • To assign a teacher/mentor access to a class, select the Teachers icon on the right-hand side of the screen, in line with the class name.
  • Type in the name of a teacher/mentor you wish to assign to the class in Class Teachers field. As you type, the name will auto populate and you can then select the name as it appears to insert it into the field.

  • Alternatively, if the teacher/mentor name does not appear, use the Bulk Assign button to select the name from the list of available users. If the name does not appear they will need to be added first in the Admin>General>User Administration area
  • Select >Save. You will now see the teacher/mentor's names next to the class indicating that they have been assigned access to the class.