There are two ways to post a comment on a student/mentee’s timeline:

• Whilst you’re in the particular student/mentee’s portal

• As a group broadcast to the class or selected student/mentees in a class

Posting on an individual student’s timeline

1. To add a post (comment) on a particular student/mentee’s timeline, firstly select your class to see all the student/mentees listed in the class; and then select the user whose timeline you want to see.

2. Once in their timeline, you have the options to:

• Write a post

• Upload photos or files

• Print goals

1. To write a post, simply start typing where it says, ‘Write on (user's name) timeline” and select the + plus icon located on the right

2. Your post will now appear on the student/mentee’s timeline

3. To make changes to a post or to delete a post, simply move your mouse cursor into the post, and the edit icon denoted by a pencil/pen enclosed in a circle, will appear on the top-right-hand corner of the post

4. Select edit icon and you can edit the post by clicking into it and typing any changes; and select -Save changes

5. To delete the post, simply select -Delete post and you will be asked to confirm your decision. Once confirmed, the post will be deleted

Upload photos or files

Select -Upload Photos or Files

1. Locate the file or image that you want to upload from your computer or a memory stick and upload it.

2. If you want to remove files that you’ve uploaded to a student’s timeline, you can select -Remove

3. Once a file is uploaded, it will appear on the student/mentee’s timeline; and the user has the option to download the file by selecting -Download

Posting to a group of students/mentees

1. To add a post to a group of students/mentees, firstly select your class to see all the users listed in the class; and then select the users that you want to send the post to by selecting the circle beside their names

2. You can then choose to Post on Timeline to post onto all selected user's timelines

Note: Goalhub Plus users also have the option to add attachments to this post.