Once you log into Goalhub as a teacher/mentor, you can create login details for users in all classes that you have access to.

1. Select >Students

2. On the left-hand side, under >Filter by class, you will see class or classes that you have access to

3. Select the checkbox for the class that you want to see, and the names of the students/mentees in that class will be listed on the right

4. You can now use the menu options below for all or just selected students/mentees

a. To apply the action from the selected menu option for all students/mentees, select the circle beside -Selected

b. Or alternatively, select specific students/mentees by clicking on the circle beside their name

5. Select -Manage Account to reset the passwords for your selected students/mentees. Remember, you can reset the passwords at any time without relying on your Goalhub Administrator.

6. You can enter a password of your choosing instead of getting a randomly system-generated password

7. You can then print the usernames and passwords and distribute them to your students/mentees:

The print out will have all the details required for students/mentees to be able to log in to their own Goalhub account and start setting their goals. The login details are laid out as coupons which you can distribute to your users.