Coaching and Mentoring Tip Sheet

At times, a participant may have trouble identifying strategies to achieve a goal - their mind simply draws a blank.

Strategies to bridge this void include requesting the participant to identify a time:

  • When they were in a similar situation and ask;

What worked for you then?

What did you learn from the situation that could be useful to you now?

  • When they noticed somebody else in a similar situation and ask;

What worked for them?

What did they do that could inform what you do now?

Another strategy is to create a different perspective by asking; “If somebody else was in your situation, what advice would you give them?”

Alternatively, you could promote the participant to identify possible resources from which he/she could draw, by asking:

  • Who may be able to assist you?
  • Where could you find support?
  • Where could you find out?

Here is a tip – don’t become unnerved by protracted silence and avoid jumping in to provide a solution.

If it becomes necessary, request to make a suggestion. If you are invited to do so, phrase the suggestion in terms of your vicarious observations.